Show me your face and I'll know what you're looking for finds the right solution in seconds. And for just about any need. Maxomedia's current spring campaign dramatizes this by reflecting acute cravings in the facial expressions of searchers.

Hungry? Tension? Pressure on the bladder? There is a remedy for all these more or less unpleasant conditions. Be it a visit to the restaurant, spa or the nearest toilet. The easiest way to find exactly these places and much more is with As a practical helper in everyday life, the search portal has the right answer ready for all queries. Searchers can find what they need in the here and now at the click of a mouse via the online directory. In the NET-Metrix Audit 2015-01, reached 4.7 million unique clients, i.e. devices.


The new campaign for arose from the insight that every search query is based on an acute need. In the implementation, Maxomedia takes this and shows people's states of mind based on their facial expressions and gestures. The respective need is unmistakably reflected in the various expressions. provides immediate resolution and forwards directly from the banner to the corresponding search query. The seven thematically and temporally structured subjects of the spring campaign are now in use throughout Switzerland. The visuals can be seen on various online banners and eBoards.

Responsible at Michael Holzgang (responsible for B2C campaigns and brand management). Responsible at Maxomedia: Michel Sulser, Virginie Schneider (consulting), Reto Schild (CD), Daniel Rödel (AD), Antonia Bekiaris (text), Philippe Stucki, Noah Moor (graphics), Joel Stüdle, Stefan Schärmeli (web). Responsible at Mediaschneider: Team Mediaschneider Interactive. Photography: Jonas Kambli.

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