Goldbach Interactive brings Easter bunny to the web

Goldbach Interactive designed and implemented the Easter microsite for Coop for the third time in a row.

Visitors to the Easter microsite are made aware of changing offers from the Coop range with up to 50 percent discount. In addition, craft inspirations and recipes for spring cooking are offered - including special recipes for allergy sufferers. Participants in the big Coop Easter competition can also win prizes.


The responsive design microsite by Goldbach Interactive is part of the Coop Easter campaign designed and implemented by Valencia Kommunikation. Combined with a fresh look & feel and useful content, the site appeals to the whole family and invites them to get in the mood for Easter. The online presence is additionally promoted by digital advertising media. The microsite at is online until easter monday.


Responsible at Coop: Oliver Johnson (Head of Digital Marketing), Fabienne Schneeberger (Digital Marketing Project Manager). Responsible at Goldbach Interactive: Microsite: Nicola Schlup (overall responsibility), Sonja Margot (project management), Sandro Morghen (concept, text), Raphaël Liechti (art direction), Sébastien Gerber (screen design), Susanne Fankhauser (frontend), Steffen Gudis (programming); advertising material: Daphne Avgeris (project management), Sandro Kohler (production).

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