With Big Data to Big Inspirations

The Swiss Marketing Day was held for the tenth time in the KKL Lucerne. High-profile keynote speakers and over 1,000 visitors addressed the topic of "Big Data and Big Inspiration".


Host Uwe Tännler, President of Swiss Marketing, was able to attract a whole series of high-profile keynote speakers for his anniversary event, who took numerous perspectives on challenges and visions for the future regarding the red-hot topic of "Big Data and Big Inspiration". Over 1,000 marketing and communications professionals took advantage of the industry event to update their knowledge, exchange ideas and ultimately see who would take home the coveted marketing trophies this year. The event was moderated by Susanne Wille.


"Communication must become service"

Before Christian Rätsch, CEO of the advertising agency Saatchi and Saatchi and expert in brand management, was given the chance to explain his experience with Big Data, Reto Brotschi, Head of Direct Marketing PostMail, pleaded for an unbiased attitude towards unaddressed advertising and presented Swiss Post's new advertising-friendly letterbox stickers: "Welcome good advertising" is to be emblazoned on all Swiss letterboxes with immediate effect and calls not least on industry representatives to trust their own work more.


Communications expert Christian Rätsch backed up his explicit demand that "communication must become a service" with a whole series of well-known campaigns that skilfully implement the rules of communication in the digital world and thus achieve success. Success, according to Rätsch's experience, that increasingly pays off financially for companies. In his opinion, digitalization is a great opportunity for companies, a real driver in the company's value creation in terms of interaction, service and sales.


"Intuition is felt knowledge."

Gerd Gigerenzer, Director at the Max Planck Institute for Human Development, analyzed what Big Data is not capable of. He pleaded for more gut feeling and trust in one's own intuition. His criticism of Big Data, or rather of the reliance on the evaluation of large amounts of data, is based in particular on the fact that collected data depict the past and thus the limits in terms of innovation are evident. If the future is uncertain and the situation unstable, he prefers simpler, less cost-intensive measurement methods and gives preference to and own intuition. Because, according to Gigerenzer, "intuition is felt knowledge".


Data protection: Opportunity or threat

The subsequent panel discussion with Karin Frick, Gerd Gigerenzer, Hanspeter Thür, Andreas Wiebe and Wolfgang Zimmermann clearly showed: Big Data is gaining relevance at high speed. The topic will occupy us over the next few years, regardless of which viewpoint one takes. In addition to solving data protection issues, the challenge will be to keep pace with technological progress. Because technology - everyone agrees on this - is always one step ahead of us.


"Message matters"

Julius van de Laar had the privilege of helping to shape both of Barack Obama's election campaigns. In his impressive presentation, he showed the most important stages of successful campaign management and gave an insight into the effective use of digital channels and social media. Nevertheless, his most important message was probably "Message matters". No plan, no matter how smart, can do without authenticity and content, van de Laars is convinced.

The 2015 Marketing Trophies winners are:

- In the specialpeis category: Bagno Sasso Mobili and Abegglen Management Consultants, Zurich for the project Swiss Eco Tap


- In the SME category: Swiss Bankers Prepaid Services and Contexta for the Travel Cash project.


- In the NPO category: Schtifti Foundation and Kreienbühl and Vogler for the Gorilla project.


- In the category large enterprises: CSS Insurance and Contexta for the Holistic Brand and Customer Experience Management project.


- The audience award went to Mazda and JWT/Fabrikant for the project Voilà ma Suisse


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