Small TV stations increase brand awareness

Goldbach Media conducted an impact analysis for the Schtifti Foundation and its "Gorilla" campaign, showing how small TV stations can increase brand awareness.

Goldbach Media planned a three-week TV campaign for the "Gorilla" project on various small stations in German- and French-speaking Switzerland for its long-standing client, the Schtifti Foundation, in spring 2014 and conducted an impact analysis of the campaign afterwards. According to the statement, the evaluation of the campaign clearly shows how effective TV is, especially on small stations: Both the app downloads and interaction on iPhone and Android as well as the use of the website have increased massively during the campaign period.

In March 2014, the TV advertising campaign for "Gorilla," a program of the Schtifti Foundation that raises awareness among Swiss children and young people about the topics of exercise and nutrition, ran for two weeks in French-speaking Switzerland (on the channels Cartoon Network, Rouge TV and TVm3) and three weeks in German-speaking Switzerland (on the channels Comedy Central, DMAX, MTV, N24 and Viva Schweiz). The campaign was designed to increase brand awareness of "Gorilla" and its core themes on the one hand, and awareness and interaction on its website and app on the other.


The impact analysis clearly shows how effective TV is, especially on small stations: In French-speaking Switzerland, a total of 331,082 people were reached during the two-week campaign period and the TV spot was seen an average of 5.8 times. During this period, Schtifti Foundation recorded a 315.4% higher usage of the Android app, a 72.6% higher usage of the Apple device app and a 152.4% higher usage of the website compared to the previous month. In German-speaking Switzerland, 2,725,240 people (net contacts) were reached during the three-week campaign period and the TV spot was viewed an average of 5.6 times. During this period, usage of the Android app increased by 443%, usage of the Apple device app by 252% and usage of the website by 117.9% compared to the previous month.

In total, the "Gorilla" app recorded 1,277 new Apple downloads and 1,630 new Android downloads and a share of 50-70% in new visitors compared to returning visitors to the website. For Bastian Sarott, Partner Relation Manager at Goldbach Media actually no surprise: "We are happy about the success of the Gorilla campaign, because it shows wonderfully what kind of advertising impact especially small TV stations can achieve. Brands are often perceived even more positively on niche channels than on the big competitors."

Roger Grolimund, CEO and founder of the Schtifti Foundation, is thrilled with the impact Goldbach Media is able to demonstrate with the case: "The results are really indescribable for us: With all our other efforts, we have never been able to record such high swings in visitors to our website before. We were able to ideally reach our target group, the 10- to 20-year-olds."

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