Walder, Werber: Image campaign for the vocational school in Uster

Walder, advertisers staged the Berufswahlschule Uster as a strong partner in the field of education. Eye-catching posters show young people pursuing fascinating but unrealistic, utopian "professions" - from wild wrestlers to cool superwomen.

"Stop dreaming. Grab your future now." is the campaign's message. As a provocative, challenging eye-opener, it wants young people from the entire region to
draw attention to the BWS Uster and its diverse range of services. In parallel to the poster campaign, the agency developed a redesign of the various communication tools for the BWS - more modern, clearer and more consistent. This way, interested students and parents can easily find their way around the website and the offer brochures.


Responsible at the Berufswahlschule Uster: Daniel Artmann (Principal). Responsible at Walder, Advertiser: Sandro Walder (overall management); Flurina Decasper (concept/text), Anna Kindlimann (AD), Corsin Kessler (DTP). Photography: Stock images, image shots Samuel Trümpy.

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