Leo Burnett: Campaign created for Swiss Life

The Swiss Life Group is placing an even greater focus on its customers. This is to be made tangible for the 7000 Swiss Life employees in Europe and Singapore.

Leo Burnett created the campaign "100 employees visit 100 customers for a day" in collaboration with Swiss Life. The idea is that employees who have little or no contact with customers accompany Swiss Life customers for a day and thus participate in a customer's life for a day and learn what is important to them in life.


These visits are recorded in the form of video and photo reports as well as journalistic reports, which are made available to all Swiss Life employees via the intranet, among other channels. Employees then talk about their impressive experiences at internal events, thus bringing valuable lessons back to the company.


Following the publication of the report, Swiss Life also names a meeting room after the client. In this meeting room, the client is portrayed with a photo and a short text. In this way, Swiss Life employees in 100 meeting rooms throughout the company will always have their clients in mind. Leo Burnett is working with more than 24 photographers, film producers and journalists in nine countries. The campaign, which was launched at the beginning of 2014, will run for the next two years.

Responsible at Swiss Life: Christian Pfister (Head of Group Communications & Strategic Marketing), Martin Läderach (Head of Communications Switzerland), Carsten Dieckmann (Head Strategic Marketing & Brand Management), Urs Hunziker (Brand Management), Fabienne Strobel (Project Management, Group Communications), Michael Preisig (Head Internal & Online Communications). Responsible at Leo Burnett Switzerland: Reto Clement (art direction), Mark Stahel (text), Peter Brönnimann, Axel Eckstein (ECD), Rolf Zimmermann (overall responsibility), Gianna Meisel (consulting), Erasmo Palomba, Suzana Kovacevic (FFF), Redworks (website).

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