KSP: Fresh wind for "energy and climate pioneers

KSP has visually redesigned the successful school project "Energy and Climate Pioneers" and equipped it with a new claim.

All advertising materials and the website Energy-climate-pioneers.ch have been adapted accordingly. The program offers school classes from kindergarten to high school the opportunity to implement their own projects that promote a sustainable use of energy and reduce the burden on the climate. At the end of the energy and climate pioneer year, all classes are invited to the big energy and climate festival. There, the little pioneers will meet the project sponsor and Solar Impulse pilot Bertrand Piccard. As a thank you for their efforts, the students are personally awarded by the great solar flight pioneer for their deeds and commitment. To date, more than 11'000 students from all over Switzerland have taken part and implemented over 500 projects.


The reason for the rebranding is a new partnership. Since fall 2014, the project, which grew out of an initiative by Swisscom, has also been supported by Energie Schweiz alongside Myclimate and Solar Impulse.

Responsible at Myclimate: René Estermann (Managing Director); Andrea Altorfer (Head of Marketing); Annette Vetsch (Project Manager Climate Education). Responsible at KSP Krieg Schlupp Partner: Flo Wacker (creative direction); Daniel Kobi (art direction); Christian Stüdi (text); Claudia Willner (graphics); Flavia Meyer, Daniela Schmidlin, Jolanda Heller (consulting).

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