Streuplan brings the third world to Zurich

To draw attention to the desolate living conditions of children in need, Streuplan shot a viral spot for SOS Children's Villages using a hidden camera.

"You've got to be kidding, right?" ask shocked prospective tenants at an apartment viewing in Zurich. Unfortunately, this is no joke, but bitter reality. In a current viral spot, SOS Children's Villages and BTL agency Streuplan show the reality of millions of children around the world. Every child should grow up in a family - loved, respected and protected. Unfortunately, the reality for millions of children is quite different. The goal of the SOS Children's Villages Foundation is to change this reality. Since 1964, it has been working to give every child a loving home. To draw attention to the emergency situation, Streuplan conceived a viral spot and confronted Zurich residents with the reality of millions of children. The reactions ranged from incredulous to stunned.


"We deliberately take viewers out of their comfort zone and confront them with the desolate living conditions faced by children in need," explains Philipp Scheidiger, Head of Marketing & Communications at the SOS Children's Villages Switzerland Foundation. The video was produced by Futurelite and posted on Youtube on December 10. For seeding, Streuplan worked with the Swiss viral portal, which published the video as a native story.

Within 48 hours, the story generated over 12,000 social media interactions, achieved a reach of around 2.5 million, and placed in the top ten in the ranking of the most shared media content in German-speaking countries. The video is currently in fifth place among the most popular YouTube content in Switzerland. It was also placed on the front page by, reported and there have been further media inquiries.

Responsible at SOS Children's Villages Switzerland: Philipp Scheidiger (Head of Marketing & Communications), Christine Weber (Online Marketing). Responsible at Streuplan: Thomas Back (overall responsibility / CD), Ennio Cadau (text / concept), Basil Renz (consulting). Production: Futurelite; directed by Claudio Catrambone. Publisher: (Bernhard Brechbühl, David Cappellini, Lorenz Hanselmann).

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