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Notch Interactive conceives and implements the most important campaign of the year for The large-scale online campaign is all about the sale of new items for immediate purchase. launches a broad marketing campaign every year in the run-up to Christmas. In 2014, this is exclusively online and a pure performance campaign. Notch Interactive designs and implements all communication measures. The campaign focuses on selling new fixed-price items and increasing traffic in the individual product categories. According to a statement, wants to position itself even more strongly as an online marketplace for new products. Commercial dealers who offer their products at fixed prices have been activated especially for the campaign.


In order to do justice to the strategic orientation, the communication consists of a specific targeting part and a general reach part, whereby the latter is aimed at the broadest possible target group. For the targeting section, sub-campaigns were designed that address different segments and feature different products or messages. The segments and targeting groups were defined and narrowed down by Notch Interactive in cooperation with Mediacom and Through regular tracking, adjustments are made to the weighting on an ongoing basis in order to achieve the best possible performance of the campaigns. The banners and microsites are designed according to the defined target groups and needs.


The claim "Exactly my thing" is given more weight and is used prominently in marketing measures for the first time. It will be visually modified to suit the respective target group.


The annual campaign will run from 10 November to 21 December 2014 and will be promoted using external and internal online advertising. In addition, newsletters and various social media measures will be used.


Responsible at Yves Mäder (Managing Director, Lars Hanf (Head of Marketing), Michel Noverraz (Head of Brand & Advertising), Lilian Prachoinig (Marketing Project Manager). Responsible at Notch Interactive: Peter A. van der Touw (overall responsibility), Jeff Gerber (creative direction), Marco Klein, Martin Stauch (art direction), David Elmiger, David Voges (text), Alain Aebersold, Jack Benz, Simon Thurnheer (design), Tobias Fuhlroth (technical direction), Stefan Schäfer (head of consulting), Vera Weber (consulting). Responsible at Mediacom: Andreas J. Bartneck (Director Interaction & Media Beyond Advertising), Stephan Sliwensky (Head of Interaction Consulting), Franz Klingler (Interaction Senior Planner).

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