Edi.14: The winners

On Friday, November 6, the Edi.14 awards ceremony took place in Zurich's Schiffbau. Around 290 films were submitted for the Swissfilm Association competition. These are the winners.


Four jury teams with 40 experts spent a week watching around 290 films and judging the works according to the criteria of script, concept, direction, camera, production design, editing, visual effects, sound design & music. The jury's "magic formula" this year was "20 percent into the shortlist and 20 percent of them awards." In this sense, "the nomination for the shortlist is already an outstanding achievement, because the quality of the films is generally high," comments Rita Kovacs, Executive Director of the Swissfilm Association.


It was noticeable that there were a lot of "good stories" this year, which were implemented flawlessly in terms of craftsmanship. The trend also continues towards the Internet and multimedia applications. This category saw the largest increase in submissions.

Photos: Advertising week/uma

From the Shortlist the winners were awarded on November 6 at the Edi.14 ceremony in Zurich's Schiffbau. All the award-winning works are shown below. As usual, the photos of the event can be found in the print edition of Werbewoche (21/2014). (hae)


Red Card: Special Edi. for Script and Concept to Volker Wienecke


Young man in the inn is looking forward to beer. When he raises the glass: Yelling from the regulars' table. He chokes. This goes on three times, then he's fed up, he wants to know what is going on: Four men at the game are outdoing each other with nasty black cards: vulgarity, bullying, vandalism, sexual harassment, racism, brutal violence. The boy courageously intervenes with good, red cards: respect, tolerance, civil courage. The latter is oversized, blows the bad cards off the table, the men off their chairs. Link to the film.

Client Swiss Crime Prevention SKP, Martin Boess
Production Company Imotions
Advertising agency Weber & Partner Office for Communication, Volker Wienecke
Producer Patrick Kappeler
Concept, script Volker Wienecke
Directed by Patrick Kappeler, Marianne Eggenberger
Camera Simon Huber, Christian Anderegg
Cut Patrick Kappeler
Music & Sound Design Rolf Büttikofer; Music: Mario Batkovic

Jury: "Nobody is perfect. The viewer is introduced to the subject with visual power. Striking and well combined with a pinch of humor and the courage to question oneself."

Quant e-Sportslimousine: Special Edi. for camera to Pascal Walder


The film describes a visionary invention in metaphors. The protagonist, inventor and designer Nunzio La Vecchia brings the car from the sea to the mainland. Performance and technical specifications are interspersed in the driving scenes through impressive landscapes. Scene after scene, visually unusual elements are used. In the final scene, it is revealed that this is no ordinary car, but a new technology about which one wants to learn more. Link to the film.

Client Nano Flowcell, Nunzio La Vecchia, Arturo La Vecchia
Production Company Feit Film
Producer Wiebke Feit, Claus Feit
Concept, script Marco Lutz
Directed by Marco Lutz
Camera Pascal Walder
production design Stephan Hingst
Cut Jessica Fischer
Visual effects Chimney Berlin, Ralf Drechsler
Music & Sound Design German Wahnsinn Team, Ralf Lippmann, Philipp Feit, Eduardo Garcia

Jury:  "A visionary invention packed into an impressive automotive film. Not the story or the high-quality 3D animations but the overall effect of the beautiful images convinced the jury."

Pink Berrys vs. Fruchtkreis 3000: Special Edi. for Music to Roman Camenzind


Battle of Tastes | Two bands compete against each other in a music video featuring two genres of music. Viewers decide which of the two will emerge as the winner via online voting. The brand message is also linked to the music event: the bands each represent a Migros product. Which one stays and which one disappears is decided by the consumer. Let the battle begin! Link to the film

Client Migros Cooperative Federation, Philipp Kuonen
Production Company who's mcqueen picture
Advertising agency Wirz advertising
Producer Philipp Petersson, Rainer Spix
Concept, script Hanspeter Schweizer, Valentin Cheli, Franziska Pennington
Directed by Simon Ritzler
Camera Carlo Jelavic
production design Julian R. Wagner
Cut Anna-Kristin Nekarda
Visual effects FX Factory Postproduction GmbH, Stefan Epmeier
Music & Sound Design Hitmill, Roman Camenzind
Fred Herrmann, Georg Schlunegger


Life needs courage: Special Edi. for direction to Tobias Fueter


The four pillars of Suva: Suva is more than an insurance company: it combines prevention, insurance and rehabilitation. Suva is managed by the social partners. The balanced composition of the Board of Directors, comprising employer, employee and federal representatives, enables broad-based, viable solutions. Suva returns profits to the insured in the form of lower premiums. Suva is self-supporting and receives no public funding. Link to the film

Client Suva Accident Insurance, Jan Mühlethaler
Production Company Stories
Producer Yves Bollag, Nicole Spring
Concept, script Tobias Fueter
Directed by Tobias Fueter
Camera Fabian Kimoto
production design Peter joke
Cut Benjamin Fueter, Fabian Kimoto
Visual effects Tamas Fiedler
Music & Sound Design Sound design: Gian Dolder, Fabian Sturzenegger, Music: Adrian Frutiger


Commercials category: TV and cinema spots:

Abandoned by luck: Bronze for overall performance


In less than a minute, a successful businessman turns into a washed-up alcoholic. Link to the film

Client Salvation Army, Christoph Bitter, Holger Steffe
Production Company Brand film Switzerland
Advertising agency Spina's Civil Voices
Producer Stefan Schorer
Concept, script Matthias Freuler, Stephan Huwiler
Directed by Navid Abri

Jury: "The simple camera movement and the renunciation of cuts reduce to the essential. Sound and image complement each other perfectly and dramatize the message in an impressive way. A touching film that impresses with its compactness."

Siren test: Bronze for overall performance


Every year, the siren test takes place throughout Switzerland on the first Wednesday in February. To make the population aware of the test, the Federal Office for Civil Protection FOCP has produced the present spot. Link to the film

Client Communication Federal Office for Civil Protection FOCP, Kurt Münger, Christoph Flury
Center for Electronic Media ZEM/VBS, Markus Lengen, Mike Lüscher
Production Company Elephant Studios
Producer Pica Cubello
Concept, script Fabian Gasser
Directed by Fabian Gasser
Camera Tobias Dengler
production design Fabian Gasser
Cut Christine Rüfenacht
Visual effects Daniel Guimard, Patrick Graf, Miklos Kozary
Music & Sound Design Recording Studios Z, Tom Wenger, Jan Rieder

Jury: "Ever since we were little, we've wondered about that scary sound. Finally, we learn the not-so-serious truth in this independent spot peppered with surprising twists. Through an unexpected derivation, the spot manages to make us stop being afraid on the following Wednesday. In particular, the courage to the absurd and self-irony we did not expect from a federal office..."

Fire department: silver for overall performance


Idea: Fast as the fire department. - The phrase perfectly dramatizes the new Diameter Line and the now fastest way through the city. Story: Fire department headquarters, relaxed calm. The alarm sounds. Firefighters jump up, put on their boots, grab their gear, and sprint off. - Past the waiting fire trucks, out of the garage, down a flight of stairs. And sit down relaxed in the S-Bahn for the fastest ride to the scene. Link to the film

Client Zurich Transport Association ZVV, Lukas Tenger, Peter Schilde
Production Company Solid & Hallerfilm AG, Silvana Pellegrini
Advertising agency TBD.
Producer Rudi Haller
Concept, script Tom Seinige
Directed by Reggie Pack, Rainer Binz, Benjamin Kempf
Camera Pascal Walder
production design Gerald Damovsky
Cut Benjamin Fueter
Visual effects Rushes Ltd, Simone Grattarola
Music & Sound Design The Jingle Jungle
Music: Metronome: Walter Mair

Jury: "In today's world where traffic jams and traffic chaos are the order of the day even in major Swiss cities, this spot promotes the solution to all traffic problems in an almost visionary way. With epic as well as fast-cut images, the film impresses with a dramatic staging and a pointed resolution."

Football stadium: gold for overall performance


Every year, 45'000 footballers in Switzerland are forced to watch due to injuries. The Suva commercial dramatizes this fact in a grandiose way. Hordes of injured people hobble up the stairs of a soccer stadium, squeeze through much too narrow turnstiles with crutches and plaster casts, and search for their seats with handicaps. In the end, the whole stadium is full of injured people. Conclusion: Reduce the risk of injury - with the football test on Suva.ch. Link to the film

Client Suva Accident Insurance, Susan Huber, Philippe Gassmann
Production Company Stories
Advertising agency Call Lanz
Producer Yves Bollag
Concept, script Markus Ruf, Isabelle Hauser, Maren Beck
Directed by Michael Fueter
Camera Michael Mieke
production design Ursa Loboda
Cut Marko Strihic
Visual effects UPP
Music & Sound Design Spacetrain, Gian Dolder

Jury: "There is hardly a game in which a player does not limp off the field or even has to be carried off. But once the substituted player has been taken away to the catacombs, he's already forgotten. And with it, the ever-increasing number of injured athletes. A number that could fill an entire stadium. The film illustrates this in the truest sense of the word. Superbly crafted and with great attention to countless details, we are shown in an impressive way what is even worse for footballers than sitting on the bench."

TV self-promotion for TV stations & shows:

Series: Hipster / Punks: Silver for overall performance



A cab driver surprises his passengers with knowledge about current cultural and social topics that he has heard on Radio SRF 2 Kultur. Shortcuts was commissioned by SRF's G&M department to create and produce a campaign for the new early evening program on Radio SRF 2 Kultur. Radio SRF 2 Kultur is often associated with high culture. With the new positioning of the early evening program, a broad, younger audience interested in culture is addressed with topics such as film, art, music, etc. Link to the film


Client SRF, Alex Hefter, David Angehrn
Advertising agency Shortcuts, Patrick Müller, Bene Abegglen
Producer Peter Lehner
Concept, script Patrick Karpiczenko, Markus Tränkle
Directed by Patrick Karpiczenko
Camera Hans Meier
production design Catharina Strebel
Cut Patrick Karpiczenko
Visual effects Cloudscape, Patrick Baumann, Daniel Müri
Music & Sound Design SRF

Jury: "Humorous stories, well acted, simply but efficiently directed. Two variations on a situation of classic narrative cinema. The clips are likeable and get their message across."

Corporate: Image films

We emphasize the world: Silver for overall performance



The Müller-Steinag Group "emphasizes" Switzerland. Literally, here word for word. The film shows how the Swiss market leader for concrete products, natural building materials, prefabrication, recycling, waste disposal and water technology shapes our environment and our lives. Out of concrete. The animation is just as much a tribute to the gray building material as the impressive, compact presentation of all corporate divisions, the history, products, (services) and competencies of the concrete producer. Link to the film

Client Müller-Steinag Group, Bruno Ruesch
Production Company Encore Pictures Ltd.
Advertising agency Walder, Advertiser, Sandro Walder, Stefan Moeschlin
Producer Jürg Steudler, Anna-Lena Carl
Concept, script Sandro Walder, Stefan Moeschlin
Directed by LeMob Motion Design Studio, Bart Wasem
Camera Anna-Lena Carl, Bart Wasem
production design Christian Roggy, Bart Wasem
Cut Bart Wasem
Visual effects Christian Roggy, Bart Wasem
Music & Sound Design Jingle Jungle, Gregor Rosenberger
Music: Michael Ricar

Jury: "The innovative concept creates a new perspective on something that is rarely consciously perceived. The rhythmic film combines image, text, language and music in a unique, convincing way and thus manages to convey a wide range of information in a short time. The strict graphic implementation underlines the character of the product."

Corporate: Marketing films

Craftsmanship: Bronze for overall performance


A journey through Bucherer's art and watch atelier brings the secret of Bucherer's craftsmanship closer. As one of Europe's most traditional watch and jewelry stores, Bucherer stands for craftsmanship, precision, attention to detail and creativity at the highest level. A look behind the scenes. Link to the film

Client Bucherer, Jörg Baumann, Claudia Jenni
Production Company Seed Audio-Visual Communication
Advertising agency Station, Patrick Stoll, Annina Berweger, Florence Ritter
Producer Felix Courvoisier, Claudio Garovi
Concept, script Damien Krisl
Directed by Damien Krisl
Camera Damien Krisl
production design Noemi Stoll
Cut Damien Krisl
Music & Sound Design Triplet Studios, Christian Schlumpf

Jury: "The attention to detail that characterizes this brand is reflected in the way the film is made. The interplay of camera work, lighting, subtle sound design and carefully selected instrumentation works precisely like Swiss clockwork. A film realized with the highest level of craftsmanship."

Corporate: IK and training films

Life takes courage: Gold for overall performance



Client Suva Accident Insurance, Jan Mühlethaler
Production Company Stories
Producer Yves Bollag, Nicole Spring
Concept, script Tobias Fueter
Directed by Tobias Fueter
Camera Fabian Kimoto
production design Peter joke
Cut Benjamin Fueter, Fabian Kimoto
Visual effects Tamas Fiedler
Music & Sound Design Sound design: Gian Dolder, Fabian Sturzenegger, Music: Adrian Frutiger

Jury: "The film is highly emotional, very well crafted and communicates the message on all cinematic levels. The script is exceptional, the story takes several surprising turns."

Online & Multimedia: Internet Virals & Clips

Putzwägeli: Silver for overall performance


Zürich offers a fascinating variety of experiences in a compact space: Nature and urbanity, culture and nightlife, history and modernity, water and mountains, Swissness and internationality. We show this in a film by accompanying a real cleaning truck driver at work through his city. The film was written for his protagonist, even his wife is part of it. The film was shot as a documentary according to a loose script. Beautiful pictures, but deliberately not only postcards. Link to the film

Client Zurich Tourism, Martin Sturzenegger
Production Company Stories
Advertising agency Wirz Advertising, Livio Dainese, Fernando Perez, Lucia Burtscher
Producer Yves Bollag, Nicole Spring
Concept, script Tobias Fueter
Directed by Tobias Fueter
Camera Fabian Kimoto, Raphael Beinder
production design Emilie Fischer
Cut Tobias Fueter, Benjamin Fueter, Fabian Kimoto
Visual effects Tamas Fiedler, Dany Bittel
Music & Sound Design Music: Fabian Sturzenegger
Sound design: Peter Bräker

Jury: "The title sounds unspectacular at first. But even on first viewing, the composition of the charmingly witty lead actor, the correctly applied music, the precise editing and the image composition is enchanting. It quickly becomes clear that there is a lot of enthusiasm and love for the city behind the title: from the point of view of a profession not often portrayed, our economic metropolis from tomorrow morning until late at night in all its facets."

Noxana vs. Blanche: Gold for overall performance


Battle of Tastes | Hard Rock vs. Chanson: Two musical genres meet for an epic battle in this action-packed music video. The viewer decides via online voting which of the two will emerge as the winner. The music event is also linked to a brand message, as the bands each represent a Migros product. The consumer decides which one stays and which one disappears. Let the battle begin! Link to the film

Client Migros Cooperative Federation, Philipp Kuonen
Production Company who's mcqueen picture
Advertising agency Wirz advertising
Producer Philipp Petersson, Rainer Spix
Concept, script Hanspeter Schweizer, Valentin Cheli, Franziska Pennington
Directed by Kai Very
Camera Bjoern Knechtel
production design Bader el Hindi
Cut Adam Hussey
Visual effects FX Factory Postproduction GmbH, Stefan Epmeier
Music & Sound Design Hitmill, Roman Camenzind
Fred Herrmann, Georg Schlunegger

Jury: "No other work in this category combined strategy, concept and implementation so purposefully for the medium of the Internet. The exemplary seamless dovetailing of product development and marketing deserves top marks. Crowdsourcing with entertainment value. Genre cliches are quoted with relish and clash with each other in the truest sense of the word. The Webviral asks the question with or without nuts. It does so with humor and irony, from storytelling, to acting, camerawork and music entertaining and ravishing at the same time."

Transmedia & Entertainment

World of Swiss: Silver for overall performance


In eight short films, we show the whole world of Swiss. A documentary look behind the scenes. A day with the cabin crew, in the chocolate factory or at dawn on the farm - we show how much work employees and suppliers do, their attention to every detail and how much Switzerland is in Swiss. The elaborate, high-quality films are in line with Swiss' brand values and are embedded in the online platform World of Swiss. Link to the film


Client Swiss International Air Lines Ltd, Marcel Benz
Production Company Eavesdropping
Advertising agency Hinderling Volkart AG, Michael Hinderling
Producer Kevin Blanc, Muriel Droz
Concept, script Michael Hinderling, Kevin Blanc
Directed by Kevin Blanc
Creative Direction: Michael Hinderling
Camera Kevin Blanc, Alain Renold
production design Interaction Design: Milo Peter, Julia Ritter
Compositing Technical implementation: Hinderling Volkart, Severin Klaus, Michael Bischof, Dario Merz
Cut Alain Renold
Visual effects Kevin Blanc
Music & Sound Design Michael Ricar

Jury: "High-quality and technologically advanced online platform for brand building and multimedia background information. Clever navigation through rational as well as playful access to content. Intelligent solution for conveying and linking information and services."


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