Who will win an Edi.14?

On November 6, the Edi.14 awards ceremony will take place in Zurich's Schiffbau. Around 290 films were submitted for the Swissfilm Association competition. Werbewoche can already exclusively present the shortlist here.

Four jury teams with 40 experts spent a week watching around 290 films and judging the works according to the criteria of script, concept, direction, camera, production design, editing, visual effects, sound design & music. The jury's "magic formula" this year was "20 percent into the shortlist and 20 percent of them awards." In this sense, "the nomination for the shortlist is already an outstanding achievement, because the quality of the films is generally high," commented Rita Kovacs, the executive director of the Swissfilm Association. What was striking this year was that there were a lot of "good stories" that were executed flawlessly in terms of craftsmanship. The trend also continues towards the Internet and multimedia applications. This category saw the largest increase in submissions. The nominated films can be seen at www.edinet.ch/shortlist.

Who will win an Edi.14? (PDF, Advertising Week 19/2014)

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