The salt in the story

Wirz Corporate has created a new overall image for the Swiss salt works. A new knowledge film by Seed also plays an important role. It aims to convey information through storytelling.

The Swiss salt works reliably supply the whole of Switzerland with salt. In addition, the salt experts are committed to imparting knowledge: they provide schools with teaching materials on the subject of salt and offer guided tours for visitors at their sites.

Until recently, the Swiss salt market was regulated as follows: The salt works at Bex supplied salt to the Vaud region. The rest of Switzerland was served by the Swiss Rhine Salt Works from Schweizerhalle. Now the two companies have merged and jointly handle the entire Swiss salt market.

The new situation became the occasion for a new overall appearance. After a pitch, this assignment went to Wirz Corporate. The agency developed the new brand presence for the Swiss salt works, which also includes the new website

As part of the overall mandate, the question of a new knowledge film on the subject of salt soon arose. "Until now, a classic but outdated documentary film served this need," explains Lukas Hänggi, Senior Consultant at Wirz Corporate. "Today's viewing habits, as well as the demand to captivate and inspire the viewer, led to the fundamental decision that we no longer wanted to make a classic informational film. That's how we turned to Seed." The salt works' latest communication tool is now the entertaining, almost 20-minute short feature film "Gipfelstürmer". Schoolchildren are an important target group for this new salt film. It is distributed to all Swiss schools, among others.

The entertaining short feature film "Gipfelstürmer" is presented to visitors of the locations
Schweizerhalle, Riburg and Bex and presented to all schools in Switzerland.
provided free of charge.

The story: For a lecture on salt, Tina researches directly on site at the Swiss salt works. The expert Daniel Hauser enthusiastically introduces her to all the secrets. But why are the two secretly followed by Tina's brother Leo and his buddy Mark? And what is it about the salt mountain?

Embedded in this story, "Gipfelstürmer" tells everything worth knowing about salt. Among other things, the film deals with the historical background, the importance of salt for the human body, the formation of salt, methods of salt extraction as well as the production of salt and its various applications. "A topic that fascinates," Felix Courvoisier is convinced. Still, that wasn't enough for the producer at Seed.

It's not facts but stories that drive us. A film with a good story involves the viewer and doesn't let go.

Storytelling is the salt in every communication

"Brain research shows that humans have an episodic memory. We remember narratives better," says Felix Courvoisier. For "Gipfelstürmer", the authors have therefore deliberately focused on storytelling. This should also give the information the necessary spice that keeps the target audience as engaged as possible. "It's human nature that we like good stories. We want to empathize, go along for the ride, guess how the story will end. A good story involves and never lets go of the audience." It's often the case that viewers don't willingly "expose" themselves to an informational film - especially if they're high school students. With a curiosity-raising storyline, a well-made film can still engage its audience - making the packaged messages play. For millennia, this desire for stories has been deeply ingrained in us. According to brain researcher Manfred Spitzer, "It's not facts but stories that drive us, make us sit up and take notice, affect us and never leave our minds."

For the screenplay, therefore, there is a momentum to be set: How does the story end? "The filmmakers at Seed are convinced that "once we've grabbed the audience, they'll stay with us. That's why this basic principle was also followed for "Gipfelstürmer". Likewise, the online use of moving images strongly influences the way of cinematic storytelling. "Faster, shorter, more surprising are the guidelines," Courvoisier knows. Stories have to be told in such a way that a basic tension is built up in the shortest possible time that captivates the viewer. On the Internet, people immediately zap on if they get bored. The only answer to this is to create films that grab the user.

This can be achieved in corporate publishing if the creatives know the interests and needs of the target groups and always critically review the sender's goals. "A film in which we say everything the client wants to say but no one wants to watch is no use." Three new films are now on offer for the salt works. The knowledge film featuring the adventure of the "summit strikers" is 19 minutes long. Parallel to this, the just under three-minute image film "We make salt" was produced. The animated film "The salt experts in brief" gives a compact insight into the activities of the Swiss salt works within 90 seconds.

Andreas Panzeri

Gipfelstürmer" was produced by the Zurich film production company Seed. Daniel Leuthold was the director. The screenplay was written by Bernie Forster.

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