Advico Y&R: ÖKK autumn campaign launched

Advico has created new poster subjects for ÖKK's well-known illustration campaign. They focus on ÖKK's classic core values such as fairness, transparency and customer proximity.

With the theming of "disease patterns" such as "complicitis" and "eternal waititis", ÖKK once again charmingly highlights its services and underlines its competence as a family insurance company. In addition to the poster campaign, which can be seen from week 41 to the end of week 43, online banners and a Facebook guessing game are used.


Responsible at ÖKK: Mario Theus (Head of Market, Member of the Executive Board), Venanzi Vincenz (Head of Marketing Communications), Marion Grünenfelder (Project Manager Media, Marketing Communications). Responsible at Advico Y&R (Member of Y&R Group Switzerland): Dominik Oberwiler, Martin Stulz (Creative Direction), Lukas Wietlisbach, Sebastian Eppler (Art Direction), Fabian Küchler (Text), Renée Weber, Christoph Schwarz (Consulting).


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