Viscom: Label and campaign for Swiss printing

Over the next few weeks, various companies will be proclaiming the following message on billboards, in advertisements and on SRF 1 as part of a national campaign: "We source our printing services from Swiss companies."

Together with the campaign, the "Printed in Switzerland" label will also be made known to a broad public. This label is intended to stand for the advantages of Swiss printing services.

Those responsible at Rivella, Coop, Ragusa, Mobiliar, Raiffeisen and Victorinox have long since understood that the pure production costs for printed matter are not the main reason why a marketing budget is perceived as too expensive, Viscom said in a statement. They know, they said, that printed matter should not be purchased cheaply, but according to need. Instead of purchasing cheaply produced large print runs abroad, the majority of which have to be disposed of after one year, the companies mentioned prefer to have small, but always up-to-date print runs produced at shorter intervals. Local or regional print partners could cover their demand for print products tailored to their needs at any time.


The companies also appreciated the fact that Swiss print service providers train young professionals to a high degree and thus make an important contribution to the national economy. "Printed in Switzerland" has nothing to do with homeland security. Rather, responsible, forward-looking and high-performance partners are benefiting from each other here.


"Printed in Switzerland"

"Printed in Switzerland" is the seal of quality and origin for printed matter from Switzerland. The label was developed under the auspices of Viscom and is available to the graphic arts industry for free use. With the label, customers and manufacturers show their support for printed matter from Switzerland. Through the "Switzerland" quality brand, the label stands for premium products, manufactured to the highest standards. In this way, jobs in SMEs and in industrial companies are to be sustainably promoted and supported.

Viscom, the employers' and entrepreneurs' association for the graphic arts industry in Switzerland, has around 750 companies as members.

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