Wirz and Joiz sink car

Tarred or faked? An ambient campaign by Wirz draws attention to Mobiliar's Joiz quiz show "Wer's glaubt.

Commuters at the Hardbrücke train station were amazed when they saw a minivan sunk into what appeared to be a freshly paved parking lot on Thursday morning. They learned at the end of the day on the program "Noiz" on Joiz that it was an advertisement for a quiz show.


To draw attention to the second season of "Wer's glaubt", the quiz show about the most unbelievable damage cases, Wirz, Mobiliar and Joiz decided on an attention-grabbing ambient campaign. In cooperation with Streuplan, a minivan sawed off at an angle was placed in such a way that it deceptively looked like a truly spectacular claim. It is still unclear what will happen to the minivan. According to the many positive reactions and harbor crane analogies that followed the breakup, it will probably be auctioned off, he said.


"Wer's glaubt" is a 60-minute interactive live show that is all about crazy claims. Last year, the branded entertainment format was not only very popular with the target group, but was also honored in the industry. Among other things, it won the Goldbach Crossmedia Award in gold. The second season of the show starts on September 18, 2014 (Werbewoche.ch reported).


Responsible at Joiz: Dominik Stroppel (Chief Operations Officer), Sam Bolliger (Producer), Matthias Lüscher (Producer "The Experiment"), Bruno Decurtins (Sales Manager). Responsible at Wirz: Fernando Perez, Livio Dainese (ECD), Caspar Heuss, Rob Hartmann (CD), Franziska Pennington (Text), Urs Hirschi (Client Service Director), Pascal Fussen, Lorena Ladner (Consulting). Responsible at Streuplan (Ambient): Basil Renz, Marco Schlatter (consultant), Simona Maiolo (project manager). Responsible at Mobiliar: Christoph Ott (Head of CI/CD and Advertising), Patrick Tharin (Responsible for Advertising MobiJeunes).

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