Magno: Redesign for Kloten Flyers website

To mark their 80th anniversary, the Kloten Flyers have given their website a radical redesign. Zurich-based online service provider Magno was chosen for conception and implementation.

The Kloten Flyers start with an all-around renewed Website into the season: The entire structure was adapted to the business areas and realigned to the needs of the numerous interest and target groups. Content was streamlined and made easy to find with a new navigation structure. This also laid the foundation for gradually rejuvenating the existing platforms and integrating them efficiently on this basis.


Whereas the previous site acted democratically as a distribution site, the new concept focuses on clearly weighted content under one roof. Accordingly, the team and game events are at the center of the information architecture. And it can keep up with the activities of the Kloten Flyers even beyond the anniversary year. Says CMO Antonio Hernandez: "Our web presence is one of our most important communication tools for keeping our fans and partners seamlessly informed. Accordingly, we are pleased to have implemented the project in such a way within a proverbial sporting timing. Particularly as it also provides an ideal basis for further measures - and there will be a few more surprises in this important year for us.

With a view to maintenance and scalability, the monolingual website is based on a CMS solution from Umbraco and is of course designed to be responsive. The design, which is unmistakably geared towards the world of ice hockey, stages the existing CI/CD and provides the right framework for the club's new visual world.

Responsible at Kloten Flyers: Antonio Hernandez Roche (Chief Marketing & Sales Officer and member of the GL), Désirée Renold (Marketing & Communication), Stefano Buzzi (Sponsoring & Sales). Responsible at Magno: Stefan Hengartner (Project Lead), Katja Gradenegger (Visual Concept), Matthias Rambold (IT Concept and Management).

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