Swisscom completes Publigroupe acquisition

Swisscom completed its takeover of advertising marketer Publigroupe on Friday with the payment of the sale price and the acquisition of the tendered shares.

97.11 percent of all Publigroupe shares to which the offer relates were tendered, according to a statement. Swisscom's stake in Publigroupe, including the shares acquired by Swisscom during the offer, amounts to 98.37 percent. The cancellation of the shares not tendered is to be applied for in the next few weeks. With the acquisition, Swisscom will take control of the Local Group (Swisscom Directories, LTV Yellow Pages and, previously a joint venture between Swisscom and Publigroupe. Swisscom will sell Publigroupe's media holdings. Swisscom will examine all options for the other participations by the end of the year. Publigroupe Holding will continue to exist for the time being.

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