Serviceplan: IT made simple for Swisscom

With a campaign developed by Serviceplan Suisse, Swisscom wants to publicize its "agile IT" services.

The business world is turning ever faster and the demands on the IT of Swiss companies are increasing daily: IT must be cost-efficient, simple and flexible. In addition, powerful applications should be available at all times. Not all entrepreneurs know yet that Swisscom offers flexible and reliable IT infrastructure solutions that make all this possible - plus the security that company data remains in Switzerland.

The centerpiece of Serviceplan's campaign is the Landing page presents: Among other things, it highlights solutions, best-practice examples and events. The website is promoted by a viral film, which dramatizes in a humorous way what IT life is like with Swisscom as a partner. Banners and Facebook ads are also used.



Responsible at Swisscom: Kathrin Lauper (project manager), Marianne Weibel (overall responsibility). Responsible at Serviceplan Suisse: Nicolas Vontobel, Jan Krohn and Andrea Zanzerl (creation), Manuela Brunner and Pascal Schwager (consulting). Responsible at Plan.Net: Dominique Lardi (project management). Film: Shining Pictures; David Constantin (director); Stefan Bircher, Sophie Toth (production), Jingle Jungle (sound studio responsible).


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