Jim & Jim implements social media video series

Jim & Jim, an agency specializing in youth and student marketing, conceived, created and implemented the multi-part video series "Orange Insiders" for the telecom company Orange.

In short interviews, Orange's in-house experts impart technical expertise or provide information about apps and product specifications, among other things - in a way that is easy to understand even for "technical dummies," as the agency writes in a statement. On the wall panel in the background, what is said is illustrated in the form of amusing animations. The short films can be accessed via Orange's social media channels and are distributed in particular via Facebook.

The concept of "Orange Insiders" is constantly being developed and expanded. To date, 6 videos have been produced in German and French. Jim & Jim has also been implementing various activation campaigns for Orange since 2013, such as the one for the sponsorship commitment at "Energy Stars for Free".


Responsible at Orange: Christophe Karcher (Social Media Marketing Manager). Responsible at jim & Jim: Fabio Emch (overall management), Tobias Bonfanti (production management/concept).

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