Maxomedia launches Tour de Postfinance

Maxomedia and Postfinance are entering new territory in employer branding: the "Tour de Postfinance" is an interactive film and an opportunity to take a look behind the scenes of Postfinance as an employer.

You also get to know employees and receive feedback at the end about how well you fit in with the company. "Inspiring together" is Postfinance's employer promise. The company is already strongly positioned in the job market. Thanks to the "Tour de Postfinance", you can now really experience what it feels like to work at PostFinance. In the interactive film, you experience a day at Postfinance in fast forward. The tour lasts around ten minutes, during which you make various decisions and influence the further course of the film. At the end of the tour, you get an assessment of how well you would fit in with PostFinance's corporate culture. With few exceptions, the people who appear in the film all work at PostFinance. Together with content that is displayed as a dialog box, they make up the individual course of the virtual working day. The Tour de Postfinance meets the latest standards in terms of design, usability, functionality and technology. The camera work was done from the player's point of view. This gives the impression of actually being on the premises of PostFinance. The film sequences were produced in collaboration with Top Fuel and director Juri Steinhart.



Responsible at Maxomedia: Tina Wüthrich (Team Leader Consulting), Reto Schild (CD)
Filming: TopFuel Entertainment /

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