New TV spots for the summer season

The online specialist retailer is starting the summer with a new marketing campaign. It includes two TV commercials and various accompanying measures.

Ponies in love and a breath of fresh air in the sauna: this year's summer campaign is primarily intended to further increase brand awareness and knowledge of the range of products available at After the company updated its corporate design in 2012 and used TV advertising for the first time in two advertising waves in 2013, was able to significantly increase its empirically determined awareness among the population compared to the measurement before the start of the campaign, the company writes in a statement on Wednesday.

The Brack as a TV star

Conceptually, 2014 continues what the online retailer started with the first three spots from last year: The actual "star" in the two new spots is also the "Brack": The logo - in short: "dä Brack" - stands in the spots for a radio receiver, a quadrocopter or one of the other 60,000 products that the company delivers from its own state-of-the-art warehouse in Willisau, Lucerne.

As always, the accompanying online and print marketing activities will be conceived by marketing itself and implemented completely in-house, including design.

Responsible at Markus Mahler (CEO), Lea Klingele, Patrick Hoerdt, Marco Bugno, Stephanie Herzog.



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