Jim & Jim: Social CV Check App for Adecco

Für Adecco hat die auf Jugend- und Studentenmarketing spezialisierte Agentur Jim & Jim eine App entwickelt, die live veranschaulicht, welche Facebook-Informationen öffentlich zugänglich sind und ob sich diese auf die Jobsuche unvorteilhaft auswirken könnten.

In addition, jim & jim implemented the Adecco Street Day on behalf of the personnel service provider and accompanied it with a promotion. Adecco experts demonstrated the benefits of the app live on site in Zurich and Lausanne, thus sensitizing young people to the sensitive topic.

Young people romp around on the social web every day - usually without thinking about what traces they leave behind on the net. This can lead to negative surprises, especially when looking for a job. That's why the youth and student marketing agency jim & jim has developed a social CV check app for the leading personnel service provider Adecco. With it, Adecco wants to make young people looking for a job aware of the issue and show them how their Facebook profile is perceived from the outside. To do this, the app analyzes, for example, pictures and videos posted on Facebook, likes, friend lists or group memberships, and places where people have checked in. Those who do not achieve the top score of 12 points and thus have a flawless social CV receive tips on how their Facebook presence can be adjusted in a few steps in the future in order to be even more successful on the job market.

To spread the word about the Social CV Check, Jim & Jim recently implemented Street Day for Adecco and accompanied it with a promotion. The day is part of the global Adecco Way to WorkTM program and takes place worldwide. At two locations in Zurich and Lausanne, Adecco experts, including Swiss CEO Michael Agoras, gave young people a live on-the-spot demonstration of how the app works and what to look out for when using the social CV. In addition, a promotion team distributed "Coffee to Go" to the participants and passers-by. Participants also had the opportunity to win an iPad and other prizes in a competition.

The Social CV Check developed by Jim & Jim can be accessed via the following link: Blog.adecco.ch/socialcv

Making-of video of the campaign:


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