JvM/Limmat: Toasting Central Swiss Culture

Jung von Matt has created a campaign for Eichhof's 180th anniversary, focusing on regional culture.

The Eichhof Brewery in Lucerne celebrates its 180th birthday this year. As part of Central Switzerland's history, the company cultivates the region's culture and tradition. To mark its anniversary, Eichhof is now giving something back to Central Switzerland: the brewery's campaign focuses attention on regional culture and promotes regional customs with an anniversary fund of 180,000 Swiss francs. The people of Central Switzerland decide how this donation is to be distributed among Betruf, mask carving, Bödelen and Co. on the anniversary website Onourculture.ch.


Here, the representatives of the customs present their tradition and themselves and report on the goals they would like to realize with the donation. The website offers space for user-generated content and reports continuously on everything related to the customs.

Print advertisements and gastronomic advertising media with the representatives of the customs draw attention to the vote. The importance of promoting regional customs is also highlighted on the radio. The vote runs throughout the summer and ends with a big anniversary celebration in the fall, when the donation is handed over. Accompanying PR measures bring the campaign to life.


Eichhof has brewed a special beer especially for the anniversary, whose name and product design also come from Jung von Matt. Eichhof Kulturbräu is only available during the campaign period and also serves as an advertising medium for the Brauchtums vote during this time.


The campaign is rounded off by a series of posters encouraging people to toast Central Switzerland's culture more often.


Responsible at Heineken Switzerland: Nabil Nasser (Marketing Director); David Kistler (Group Brand Manager); Martin Kürzi (Brand Manager); Jan Freitag (Head of Corporate Communications and CSR). Responsible at Jung von Matt: Alexander Jaggy (Executive Creative Director); Maurus Zehnder, Andy Lusti (Creative Direction); Lorenz Clormann (Art Direction); Maren Beck (Text); Melanie Sellmann (Graphics); Deborah Herzig (Art Buying); Rolf Helfenstein, Simone Jehle, Laila Müller, Christine Bigler (Consulting); Cyrill Hauser, Philipp Bühler, Nicole Hoppler (Public Relations & Content); Pepe Kägi (Production). Natascha Kiefer (DTP); Markus Schärer (Executive Digital Direction); Marco Zimmerli (Art Direction Digital); Tenzin Tibatsang (Screendesign); Oliver Vedolin (Conception); Jonas Grümann (Development Website); Ralf Brändli (Overall Technical Responsibility); Sam Sherbini (Interactiondesign & Project Management); Julia Grass (Project Management); Mirjam Kluka (Photography); Tania Willen/silmä (Image Editing); Filmzimmer.ch (web videos); Esther Michel (web photos).


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