JvM/Limmat: 100 summer ideas for Migros

Jung von Matt and Migros launch the book of 100 summer ideas for the perfect summer. The campaign is accompanied by TV commercials and an ideas website.

The Swiss summer is moody. But no matter how it turns out this year - with Migros, you have 100 ideas at hand to make it the best summer ever. These can be found in the book of 100 summer ideas, which is available in every Migros. An inspiring cross-section of excursion tips, craft tips, recipes, games and trivia. The book also includes extras such as a scent card, seed paper or tattoos.

Four TV commercials each promote one of the 100 ideas in a tongue-in-cheek way. Posters and advertisements inspire further summer ideas. In various print and POS measures, the book and individual summer products are promoted in a targeted manner to match the 100 ideas. The campaign thus succeeds in bridging the gap between image and product levels. Also on the website 100things.ch are the summer tips. Here you can find the tip of the day, matching the weather or current occasions. Users can discover further information about the summer ideas on the platform. The specially founded Migros Summer Team tests some of the 100 tips and enriches them with videos and reports. Of course, customers can also create their own summer list.






Responsible at Migros: Hansueli Siber (Head of Marketing); Marc Engelhard (Head of Marketing Communications); Roman Reichelt (Head of Umbrella Brand); Désirée Strassmann (Project Manager Umbrella Brand); Lara Rohrer (Trainee Marketing Communications); Philipp Marquard (Head of Media); Nadine Delakowitz (Project Manager Media); Jerry Fohringer (Head of Market Development/Customer Marketing); Miriam Benz (Project Manager Market Development); Eveline Rusch (Project Manager Market Development); Isabelle Britschgi (Junior Project Manager Market Development); Dirk Worring (Head of Digital Marketing); Christian Birke (Project Manager Migros.ch). Responsible at Jung von Matt: Alexander Jaggy (Executive Creative Direction); Samuel Christ (Creative Direction); Maren Beck, Alain Eicher, Mateo Sacchetti, Torsten Maas (Text); Lukas Frischknecht, Christina Wellnhofer, Reto Oetterli, Mario Moosbrugger, Daniel Serrano (Art Direction); Aude Kohler (Graphics); Pascal Frey (Art Direction Büchlein, JvM/brand identity); Timo Lorch (Graphics Büchlein JvM/brand identity); Jürg Zentner (editorial booklet); Sarida Bossoni,; Deborah Herzig (art buying); Thomas Steiner, Marie-Hélène Thornton, Pascal Baumgartner,; Sebastian Suter, Merja Rinderli, Nicolas Renzen, Eliane Fischer (consulting); Philipp Bühler (public relations); Bart Timmer (direction), Michela Trümpi (Chocolate Films), Jingle Jungle (sound), HearDis! (music consulting), Ultra Images (post production); Tobias Stahel (photography), Lorenz Wahl, Pixelpolish (image editing); Markus Schärer (overall responsibility digital); Marco Zimmerli (art direction digital); Andrea Klainguti (screen design); Sam Sherbini, Amir Ferhatbegovic, Julia Grass (consulting digital); Nathalie Eggen (website content); YMC (programming); Joiz (videos),

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