The neglected potential of brand management

The future of the brand is its individuality. The ways to get there are different than in the past. The 5th marketing meeting of Mediaschneider and Serviceplan at Lake Side in Zurich showed what these are.

Products, product ranges, communications and media have become increasingly similar in recent years, and brands more interchangeable. Many of the brands have lost their individuality. But it is precisely this that must once again increasingly take center stage - even though, of the 100,000 brands advertised, a household uses only 400 on average. The future of the brand is its individuality. The focus will be on brand management that plans on qualitative, emotional and brand-specific values, from the brand to the media to the point of sale. These words sum up what Monika Saeger, Managing Director of the Serviceplan Group, calls "the neglected potential" and which was the topic of the 5th marketing meeting of Mediaschneider and Serviceplan.


Based on the results of a GfK study in the German market, the five speakers explained to the 150 or so guests how the new data can be used to turn a benefit-oriented brand into a value-based brand with high growth potential. "Lifebrands instead of just benefit-oriented lightbrands are the goal," Saeger put it succinctly.

The participants, for example from Swisscom, BMW, Axa, Victorinox, Swiss and many others, discussed the new study results and the consequences to be drawn from them for everyday marketing in a lively manner at the subsequent Apéro Riche on the Lake Side Terrace in beautiful spring weather.

Download "5th Marketing Meeting (Abstract)" (PDF)

Barbara Evans, Facit Media Efficiency, Peter Haller, Serviceplan Group, Urs Schneider, Mediaschneider, Monika Saeger, Serviceplan Group, Wolfgang Twardawa, GfK Consumer Panels

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