The web and mobile agency ranking 2014

Namics not only tops the "Eternal Best List" of Best of Swiss Web, but is now also the web company with the highest turnover in Switzerland.

The detailed presentation of the Swiss web agency sector published annually by Best of Swiss Web is based on the one hand on the medal table from fourteen years of Best of Swiss Web Awards and on the other hand on a comprehensive survey of the economic and thematic reviews and outlooks of the most important web companies in Switzerland. The "Internet Agency Ranking" is compiled annually by Best of Swiss Web in cooperation with its partners Simsa and the magazine Netzwoche.

Namics ahead of Jung von Matt and Hinderling Volkart

In the last fourteen years, the full-service web agency Namics has won the most prizes or ranking points at the Best of Swiss Web Awards, having already topped the rankings last year. It was followed by the former traditional advertising agency Jung von Matt/Limmat, which has built up a strong digital unit with Jung von Matt/Next. New on the podium is the agency Hinderling Volkart, which was only founded in 2007 and ousted the full-service web agency Unic from the podium. In addition, Station and Notch Interactive made the biggest steps forward. Liip took the most top places in the individual disciplines (categories) - namely three (out of ten).

Top 15 of the "Eternal Best List"

Method: Points system: Shortlist: 1 point | Bronze: 2 pts | Silver: 4 pts | Gold: 7 pts | Master: 3 pts.
Multiple contractors: Points were divided according to the number of companies.
Mergers: Consolidation of all points of merged companies.


The category winners (2001 - 2014)


The largest web and Internet companies in Switzerland

The web agency ranking from Best of Swiss Web is a value-neutral ranking of internet agencies in Switzerland. Over 70 agencies completed and returned the questionnaire; the twenty agencies with the highest turnover are listed here. The ranking is based on the turnover that the respective companies achieved with web or web-related projects in Switzerland in 2013. The number of permanent employees and the year of foundation are also listed. This year's ranking is led for the first time by the agency Namics, which emerged from the merger of Delta Consulting and the Publigroupe company MMD in 1999. Namics currently employs 298 people in Switzerland (430 people in Europe as a whole) and generated sales of over CHF 41 million in Switzerland in 2013. The agency Netcetera, founded in 1996, now follows in second place, ahead of the listed company Crealogix.


Regarding the survey: 'Best of Swiss Web' carried out plausibility checks on those agencies that did not want to report their turnover this year or were unable to do so - for example for stock exchange law reasons - e.g. by consulting available data (e.g. annual reports), making telephone inquiries or assigning average values or estimates.

360 million francs turnover of the 70 largest web agencies

More than 70 agencies returned the standardized questionnaire for the current "Web Agency Ranking 2014". The turnover of the web and mobile companies participating in the survey amounted to around 360 million Swiss francs last year. The total volume of project orders for service providers in Switzerland is likely to be around half a billion. This is economically relevant and underlines the importance of the web and mobile industry for Switzerland as a business location. If other revenues, such as those generated by the apps, online games and digital ancillary sectors such as hosting, online media agencies, software applications for the Internet, etc., are also included, well over one billion Swiss francs in revenues are generated each year. In addition to direct economic project sales, the web and mobile industry also offers great potential for creativity, innovation and indirect economic improvements. New, more efficient business processes, the increase in e-commerce with the associated expansion of customer bases or interactive services, for example in the healthcare or education sectors, demonstrate the continued great growth potential of the web and mobile industry. For 2014, the agencies surveyed expect an average increase in turnover of 13% compared to last year.

What the agencies are working on in 2014

The web agencies were also asked about their most important topics in the questionnaire. The focus is on technical developments relating to "mobile" (such as HTML 5 or native apps), but above all on personnel and economic aspects.


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