Spinas: At the presser for Helvetas

More people die from polluted water than from guns. To draw attention to this fact, Helvetas and Spina's Civil Voices are using image analogies in the fourth year of the Glass Campaign - this time on the subject of firearms.

The new motifs can be seen animated as TV spots and on e-boards and e-panels, as well as posters and advertisements. At a time when sufficient clean drinking water is becoming increasingly scarce, Helvetas is thus consolidating its positioning as a water expert among Swiss aid organizations.


Responsible at Helvetas: Stefan Stolle (Head of Communications and Fundraising). Responsible at Spina's Civil Voices: Lorenz Spinas (CD), Miriam Fischer (AD), Susi Kammergruber (concept/text), Sarah Bertschinger (consulting). Animation: Elephant Studios.

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