Swisscom TV launches interactive TV spots

In cooperation with Seven One Media and Goldbach Media, Swisscom Advertising offers advertising customers a new format, unique in Switzerland, with Red Button advertising.

This connects TV commercials with additional content on the TV at the touch of a button - without interrupting the current TV program. A layover with text and a red dot faded into the spot indicates that further information is available. The red button on the Swisscom TV remote control then takes the viewer to the advertiser's customised TV application with a simple click and without a media break, while the TV programme continues to run in a small screen window.


According to the press release, this lays the most important foundation stone for tomorrow's TV communication, as the perfect combination of linear and non-linear advertising opportunities becomes a reality on the same device. The offer is available now on Swisscom TV for all Seven One channels and reaches around a third of all Swiss households. Swisscom TV uses Emuse technology, which is already successfully in use in the USA, the UK and Australia and offers decisive advantages over other interactive TV technologies. For example, the formats are delivered centrally so that every connected household can use them automatically, without additional downloads or long loading times.


Numerous Swiss advertising clients such as media agencies have already signalled their interest in Red Button advertising on Swisscom TV, according to the statement. Concrete implementations are in the works with initial advertising partners such as Nissan, represented by OMD Switzerland, and Ifolor, via JBW Media. The new form of advertising on Swisscom TV is being made possible for the first time through the cooperation with Seven One Media Switzerland, on whose advertising windows the interactive TV spots are available exclusively for the time being. The launch of other channels is being planned. Bookings for the new format are being handled in coordination with Goldbach Media, Seven One Media's TV marketer. The first spots have been shown on Swisscom TV since 14 March 2014 within the commercial breaks of SAT.1, Pro Sieben, Kabel Eins and Sixx.

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