Ruf Lanz: Fashionable VBZ professional clothing

Ruf Lanz staged the VBZ professional clothing as a fashion trend in 20 minutes Friday for VBZ personnel marketing.

In many occupational fields at VBZ, there are practically only men, for example in the area of automation, among truck mechanics or engineers. With streetcar pilots, on the other hand, the allocation is less pronounced, according to a statement. Therefore, VBZ recruits here on the broad labor market, where women make up almost 50 percent. Unconventional personnel campaigns, conceived by Ruf Lanz, repeatedly recruit women in a targeted manner.

With success, as Jörg Buckmann, head of human resources at VBZ, explains: "Thanks to our campaigns, we were able to recruit more female streetcar pilots in 2013 than ever before. 41 percent of all the tramp pilots we hired are women." In 2013, the NZZ and the Tages-Anzeiger reported on the success of the VBZ personnel campaigns. According to Jörg Buckmann, however, women only apply to this extent if they are approached consistently. "During the campaign phases, we notice a smooth doubling of applications from women."

That is why the next personnel campaign is now starting. Ruf Lanz is focusing on an important element of the tramp pilots' (and of course the tramp pilots') profession: their professional dress. The typical VBZ blue is promoted like a fashion trend. Last Friday (February 7), for example, VBZ lustfully infiltrated the style double page in the Friday edition of 20 Minuten, which is popular with the female target group. Instead of a star, VBZ tramp Melanie Mos presented her favorite pieces in the editorial vessel. Contributions in fashion blogs and on Facebook supported the campaign.

At the same time, style expert Clifford Lilley praises the advantages of the fresh trend color blue and the possible combinations of VBZ workwear in radio spots. Local television and radio stations have already picked up on the unusual campaign and increased the advertising impact.

The Style page in Friday as it normally looks:

Enlarged image

The infiltration by VBZ:


Responsible at Zurich Public Transport: Jörg Buckmann (Head of Human Resources Management), Natascha Schüepp (Project Management). Responsible at Ruf Lanz: Markus Ruf, Danielle Lanz (CD), Marcel Schläfle (Art Direction), Florian Birkner (Text), Sabrina Luck, Nathalie Jakober (Consulting). Photography: Paolo Emmanuele. Retouching: Markus Graf, Aschmann Klauser. Production of radio spots: Selmi recording studio, Zurich.

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