Wirz Corporate: Rebranding for Denner

Wirz Corporate is developing a new brand identity for the Swiss food discounter, thus supporting its growth strategy.

Denner is growing successfully: the discounter has outperformed the industry average in recent years and continuously gained market share. However, the expansion has also presented Denner with challenges in terms of brand identity: The very different store situations made individual solutions necessary in many places with the existing corporate design and led to a heterogeneous overall effect at the POS, the most important point of contact and experience for the brand.

Denner therefore commissioned Wirz Corporate to comprehensively analyze and revise its brand identity. The newly developed corporate design is characterized by two key qualities: On the one hand, its high functionality, in that it can be implemented flexibly yet visually consistently across a wide variety of store locations. On the other hand, the new appearance sharpens the brand's profile: the simplified logo, freed from the old-fashioned ellipse, the striking use of the typical brand color red and the generous images at the POS are intended to strengthen the perception of Denner as a contemporary, likeable Swiss discounter that stands for quality.

Several test stores throughout Switzerland were successfully converted and rebranded in 2013. Following the positive experiences from this test phase, the new look will now be rolled out step by step in 2014. In addition to rebranding the stores, Wirz Corporate has also developed the basis for the design of all marketing and corporate communication tools and media. The changeover will take place gradually from 2014.

Responsible at Denner: Petra Gayko (Head of Marketing Communications), Sabine Gassmann (Project Manager Marketing Communications), Paloma Martino (Head of Corporate Communications). Responsible at Wirz Corporate: Michel Reichmuth (Head of Brand Identity), Diana Kiesel (Consultant), Thomas Wolfram (Design Director), Christina Widmann, Marcel Morach (Design).


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