DD Com gives away 400 Fabia Fresh for Skoda

In cooperation with The House Agency and Mediacom, DD Com gave away 400 Skoda models to passers-by.

As a special model and with a fresh colour palette, the Skoda Fabia Fresh starts the new year. The current campaign, which DD Com is implementing in collaboration with The House Agency and Mediacom, seduces on posters, digital advertising media and at the POS to an affordable escape from the grey "January everyday life", as it says in a statement. As a media highlight, DD Com staged an interactive promotional campaign on large posters in the main stations of Zurich, Geneva and Lugano: the promise of "400 new cars to give away" was fulfilled in a special way after three days of growing public curiosity. Many colourful Fabia model cars magnetically attached to a poster were waiting for their new owners. Skoda promoters provided information about the Fabia Fresh and encouraged passers-by to take a test drive.



Responsible at Amag Automobil und Motoren: Jeannine Micheli (Marketing Manager Skoda) Mario Montanari (Advertising Manager Skoda), Marc Bislin (ECommerce Manager Skoda). Responsible at DD Com: Daniel Müri (CD), Florian Brand (AD), Peter Gehrig (Text), Sandy Pfuhl (Junior AD), Nicole Baumann (DTP), Remo Christen (Head of Consulting), Jasmin Jost (Consultant). Responsible at The House Agency: Andreas Jorgella (Conception & Consulting). Responsible at Mediacom: Katharina Momani (Account Director), Corinne Schneiter (Strategy and Planning), Andreas J. Bartneck (Director Interaction).

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