Swico focuses on continuity and strengthens leadership

Swico is retaining the current managing director Jean-Marc Hensch. However, Hensch has to reduce his workload for health reasons, so Swico is expanding the management team.

A new position has been created at the Association of Information, Communication and Organization Technology Providers for a Head of Association Services and Marketing (Job advertisement). This will expand the management team, which currently consists of the managing director and Dennis Lackovic as CFO and COO of Swico Recycling. On balance, according to the statement, the staffing plan will be expanded to meet the additional demands of Swico members in the industry's political environment. "Today, we are very well positioned to cover the political courant normally and to exert our influence in the regulatory field," Swico President Andreas Knöpfli elaborates. "However, the board has come to the conclusion that Swico should also be more involved in fundamental industry issues in addition, but this cannot be done with the current resources."

These topics include data protection, the use of employees over the age of 50 in ICT, the always-on mentality, and the tensions between education, migration and offshoring. Many Swico members expect their association to step up its efforts in these areas because they themselves are unable or unwilling to devote resources to umbrella issues. "This is typically an area where the forces pooled in the association bring much more than if everyone becomes active on their own," explains Swico Managing Director Jean-Marc Hensch.

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