"Advertiser of the Year" 2014 at the Swiss Brand Congress

For once, the winner of the 2014 "Advertiser of the Year" award and thus the successor to Peter Brönnimann, Executive Creative Director of Leo Burnett, will be decided in the middle of the year rather than at the beginning. The Egon will be awarded at the Swiss Brand Congress in June 2014.

Werbewoche has been awarding the title of "Advertiser of the Year" at the beginning of February every year for over 35 years. It is voted for by the subscribers of Werbewoche. A final round of nominees is put forward by an "Academy" of all previous "Advertisers of the Year". This list of "established names" is supplemented by the editorial team of Werbewoche with new faces.

The media acceptance of the election and the numerous requests for expert commentary on current advertising topics show that the "Advertiser of the Year" presented by us is perceived as an opinion leader for Swiss advertising and as an "ambassador for the industry".

However, the declining sponsorship income became an ever greater problem for us. As a result, the costs for the event could only be covered to a small extent by sponsors.

This raised the question for us of how - and whether - it should continue at all. As we felt that the "Advertiser of the Year" was an important industry event that should continue to take place, we looked around for partners. When the opportunity arose for us to hold the award ceremony on the evening of the now established Swiss Brand Congress, we decided to go for it. The Brand Congress is organized by the European Sponsoring Exchange and htp St. Gallen, a spin-off of the University of St. Gallen specializing in marketing consulting.

In 2014, the award ceremony will therefore take place for the first time as part of the Swiss Brand Congress and the "Night of the Brand" on June 5 at the Dolder Grand in Zurich. This will be an exciting addition to the Swiss Brand Congress. On the same evening, the Campaign of the Year award and the new "Brand Manager of the Year" award - which recognizes special achievements by a marketing manager - will also be presented. I am delighted that the "Advertiser of the Year" award will also be presented in the coming years.

Pierre C. Meier, Editor-in-Chief

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