Namics founds digital communications agency

Namics founds the digital communications agency Namics 13, thus further expanding its digital communications business segment.

At Namics 13 Namics bundles all marketing and communication services. These include strategy, digital branding, digital corporate communication, digital advertising, content services and performance management. The agency is led by Lars Holthusen (management), Michael Rottmann (consulting) and Felix Widmaier (creation). "Digital channels are becoming increasingly important in our clients' communication mix. They don't want to entrust their brand in the online area to several service providers, but rather obtain professional services from consulting, creation, conception to technical implementation from a single source," says Holthusen.

Behind Namics 13 are over 60 experts in online communication and marketing. Their mission: "We connect brands with people." The agency is already working for companies such as ABB, Swisscom, BASF, Webasto, UBS, Siemens, Cembra Money Bank, Amag and Swisslife, making it one of the largest digital communications service providers in the German-speaking world right from the start.


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