Those who read will also become wiser in 2014

The Swiss Media Association's "Only those who read become smarter" campaign is being continued. It is starting the new year with new advertisements.

Never change a winning horse! In line with this motto, the Swiss Media Association is sticking to its generic marketing campaign "Only those who read become smarter". "When has an advertisement triggered so many positive reactions from teachers, parents, marketing specialists and readers as this campaign has in the last two years?" asks the association in a press release. With over 32,000 trial subscriptions of CHF 20 each, the joint subscription campaign "Presseshow" with the animal pictures on the cover, which ran in parallel, and the over 17,000 calendars sold were also extremely successful.

The campaign is now being continued with six new subjects. This time, it's no longer predators facing each other, but "David" and "Goliath", with the reading "David" dominating the scene. "Trick - reading makes you smarter! Every child will soon know that."

The next three-month joint campaign with the "Presseshow" will also start in sync with the advertising campaign. This will involve 60 titles from German-speaking Switzerland and 16 titles from French-speaking Switzerland. The total circulation of the folders is over 6.34 million copies. There are two Renault Captur cars worth a total of CHF 50,000 to be won, as well as 10 x CHF 1,000 in cash.


Responsible at Wyler Werbung: Ruedi Wyler (CD, text), Andreas Konrad (AD, composing), Peter Witte, Edwin Veer (illustration). Responsible at the Swiss Media Association: Toni Vetterli (Reading Campaign Project Group in the Department of User Market), Pepi Burch (Project Management).

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