Leo Burnett Switzerland: "Guetzle" on Facebook

Leo Burnett Switzerland has launched an online promotion for Biosuisse. The aim is to successfully cut out Guetzli on Facebook.

Bud eggs turn every dough into something very special. To show this, Leo Burnett Switzerland has developed a special Facebook game for Bio Suisse: Whoever leaves the least dough when cutting out Guetzli wins a home dinner with an organic gourmet chef. The game is running now at Facebook.com/biosuisse

Responsible at Bio Suisse: Jürg Schenkel (Marketing Manager), Sylvia Gysin (Project Manager Communication), Magdalena Blonkiewicz (Head of Product Management/Product Manager Eggs). Responsible at Leo Burnett Switzerland: Fabian Windhager, Wanda Michel, Pedro Moosmann, Pablo Schencke (Creation), Johannes Raggio (ECD), Ingrid Zumkehr, Rebecca Krause (Consulting), Suzana Kovacevic (Art Buying), Markus Weber (Photo). Responsible at Xeit: Roman Schläpfer (programming), Andrea Iltgen (consulting).

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