Leo Burnett: Woz monitors intelligence

The Woz has been monitoring intelligence chief Markus Seiler. And made him an attractive offer in the Leo Burnett spot. The intelligence service smirks - but remains silent.

On December 5, the special issue of Woz on data protection, surveillance and other privacy-related topics will be published. Here, too, the Woz reports in a well-founded manner and from all angles. After all, it has done its own surveillance - namely the country's top watchdog, Mr. Markus Seiler, head of the federal intelligence service. With a very special offer, the left-wing weekly is now making noise around the special edition: In the event that the head of the intelligence service wants to prevent the revelations about his person, he should simply buy up the entire circulation. Which would leave Mr. Seiler, with a taxable income of 196'700 francs, in the clear.


Screenshot: Markusseiler.ch


The Woz has also launched a website in Seiler's name. On the page "Markus Seiler - my true story" (see link above), texts, photos and videos have been published on Seiler's origins and career, on Seiler's private life, and even - staged as a chase - on Seiler's driving style.


Initiate discussion

The goal of the research was to "know what you can find out about a person without letting them know you want to find out anything about them," the Woz writes in an article the paper published on its website Wednesday. "This is the method of the intelligence services with their blanket, preventive surveillance," the Woz writes. It said the tables have been turned and the method applied to the intelligence chief. Surveillance is done with the latest technological means and puts the whole population under general suspicion.

Intelligence service silent

The NDB was still buzzing on the executive floor on Wednesday evening. "We are not commenting on this story at all," said FIS communications chief Felix Endrich when asked whether the intelligence service intended to take legal action against WOZ. In the DDPS, which includes the intelligence service, however, the Woz action was noted with a smile. Seiler did not accept the offer to buy out the entire task of the left-wing newspaper. "Mr. Seiler has let the glorious opportunity to do so pass," Stefan Howald of the Woz told the SDA news agency. (PD/SDA)

Responsible at the weekly: the collective of the Woz. Responsible at Leo Burnett Switzerland: Fabian Windhager, Barbara Hartmann, Pablo Schencke (creation), Johannes Raggio, Peter Brönnimann (ECD), Nino Zuberbühler (consulting), Erasmo Palomba (art buying), Plan B (film production).

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