JWT/Fabrikant: Swiss stars against violence

A social media campaign by JWT/Fabrikant and other agencies mobilizes Swiss stars on behalf of Unicef against violence against girls.

Big Zis, Emel, Heidi Happy, Francine Jordi, Anna Känzig, Eliane Müller, Sina, Lyn M. and Angie Ott are committed to Unicef - by doing what they do best: singing. In many parts of the world, girls have no chance. They are neglected, killed, aborted. Just because they are girls. According to Unicef estimates, around 100 million girls and women are "missing" worldwide. JWT/Fabrikant Zurich is sending a clear signal against this on behalf of Unicef. "We were looking for alternatives to get younger target groups interested in Unicef's work. With this social media campaign, we can do both: activate and inform about an issue that is close to our hearts," says Elsbeth Müller, Managing Director of Unicef Switzerland, summing up the benefits.

The product developed by the agency to encourage users to donate is also the centerpiece of the multichannel social media campaign: a touching, stirring song in which nine Swiss singers raise their voices - against the senseless death of girls. Produced by the successful composer Roman Camenzind, "Echo" describes the anxious moment of birth when a mother learns that she is going to have a girl. It describes the absence of a family member and how the family represses this. And he asks what could have become of the missing girls if they had lived.

Via a teaser video seeded on all well-known blogs and social media platforms, users are taken to the campaign website Echo-of-the-girls.chwhere they can watch the music video and download the song for a donation starting at five francs. There is also a making of, interviews with all nine stars and detailed background information about Unicef's local education programs, which aim to break the spiral of poverty and discrimination.

JWT/Fabrikant manages the overall implementation and all agencies involved. The Zurich PR and communications agency Open Up is responsible for the conception and implementation of media relations in online and offline media as well as radio and TV. The promotion of the singers and the song on the radio is handled by the agency Das Office. The microsite was realized by Netzbarkeit and Kampaweb.

Making Of the music video:


Teaser video of the campaign song "Sorry I am a girl":


Teaser for the current Unicef campaign:


Responsible at Unicef: Elsbeth Müller, Managing Director / Elisabeth Karagiannis, Head of Communications. Responsible at JWT/Fabrikant: Remy Fabrikant (CEO) / Michele Salati (Creative Direction) / Heinz Helle, Lars Haensell, Urs Zwyssig (Text) / Martin Bettler, Cagdas Cakmaktas (Art Direction) / Jochen Hennecke, Ute Schäfer (Consulting) / Daniela Berther (Art Buying) / Adrian Huwyler (Digital Direction) / David Guntern (Production). Responsible at Open Up: Patrick Preuss, Rahel Perrot (Consulting). Responsible at Das Office: Claudia Boggio. Responsible at Hitmill: Roman Camenzind (producer), Pele Loriano (songwriter/producer). Responsible at Playground Media Productions: Rudolf Isler (Production Manager). Responsible at Canada, Barcelona: Laura Estorch (Production), Roger Guàrdia Torrents (Director), Robert Batholot (Photographer). Responsible in case of networkability: Bruno Elmer (wireman). Responsible at Kampaweb: Miro Dietiker (CTO).

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