Meta Design: Campaign for Jura Materials

On behalf of Jura Materials, Meta Design is expressing the ecological advantages of Jura Eco cement with a broad-based campaign.

With over one million tonnes of cement per year, Jura Cement, a subsidiary of Jura Meterials, plays a major role in shaping Switzerland's living space. This brings with it a responsibility that Jura Cement consciously assumes through the sustainable Jura Cement. Meta Design expresses this responsibility through a Jura Eco campaign. The goal: to make Jura Eco the standard cement. The campaign's protagonists are ecoists - construction workers, architects, builders - who make a strong statement for Jura Eco and motivate others to become ecoists.

The campaign gives Jura Eco cement a comprehensive presence via a mailing, folding posters, advertisements in trade journals, a product film, Jura Eco cement sacks, silo applicators and sheets, and reaches the target group on a broad basis. André Germann, Head of Sales at Jura Materials: "The down-to-earth nature of the industry and the sensitivity to responsibility are appropriately expressed in the Ecoist - also with the necessary wink. The broad and consistent communication gives the campaign additional strength." Benjamin Gilgen, Meta Design management: "The close and direct collaboration with Jura Cement has enabled a rapid and broad market presence."


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