Rebel celebrates 15 years of Biovision

Rebel has launched a national fundraising campaign to mark Biovision's anniversary. The foundation, founded by Swiss Nobel laureate Hans Rudolf Herren, presents the fruits of its 15 years of "helping people to help themselves" in East Africa.

The campaign looks back at Biovision's projects and milestones and highlights issues that the Zurich-based foundation intends to continue to work on in the future: increasing yields among small farmers through ecological and sustainable agriculture, promoting women, imparting knowledge and combating malaria and animal diseases are some examples.

In September 2013, Dr. Hans Rudolf Herren received the Alternative Nobel Prize, a special award for his commitment with the Biovision Foundation. He was the first Swiss laureate in this category, honored for his work to feed the world's population through organic agriculture.

The anniversary will also be the focus of the Biovision Symposium on November 30, 2013 at the Volkshaus Zurich, for which Rebel designed the invitations. Guest speaker Maya Graf, President of the National Council, Dr. Hans Rudolf Herren, Founder and President of Biovision, Mercy Kiyapyap, Project Manager from Kenya and other speakers from 15 years of project work for ecological development will be present.

Responsible at Biovision: Andreas Schriber (Publishing Director), Nina Zenklusen (Editor), David Fritz (Text), Ueli Würmli (Text), Peter Lüthi (Photo), Reto Baumann (Photo), Verena Albertin (Photo), Flurina Wartmann (Photo), Jürg Weber (Production). Responsible at Rebel: Kris Goricanec (overall responsibility), Lou Doran (creative), Andrej Bigler (creative).


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