Meta Design accompanies GE Money Bank into a new future

Cembra Money Bank is a new independent Swiss bank. Meta Design created the brand identity.

With its spin-off from GE, GE Money Bank is opening up to a new audience via an IPO. Meta Design worked with GE Money Bank to define the new brand strategy and develop the brand identity for all target groups across all channels. According to a statement, the new brand positioning ties in with the bank's Swiss origins and focuses on flexible solutions for customers' individual goals. In addition to the new positioning in the market, addressing existing and future employees and also cross-channel optimisation were important requirements for the brand. Furthermore, the positioning and the origin as market leader are expressed in the new name: Cembra Money Bank. The name stands for Pinus Cembra, the Swiss stone pine, a tree species that enables growth in the Swiss Alps even in challenging conditions. At the same time, Pinus Cembra as a living symbol makes the brand tangible for clients and employees. The clear positioning and the fresh, modern appearance equip the market leader Cembra Money Bank for a strong future.


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