Comet: Campaign for Tele Bärn

Komet developed a new communications presence for Tele Bärn in order to present the constantly growing variety of programmes, the diverse broadcasts and the people behind them.

For the new campaign, a separate motif was created for each show. The focus, according to the communication, is on the presenters, who act as the figureheads of the regional station. The portraits of the presenters are combined with a "Word Cloud", which contains keywords relating to the content of the corresponding programmes and can be effortlessly updated and animated. This versatility and flexibility of the subjects gives TeleBärn a lot of leeway, especially for current programmes.

The new claim "Tele Bärn - Always in the picture" strengthens the brand's news relevance and emphasizes Tele Bärn's mission to report on current and interesting topics from the region in an authentic way. The new communication presence will be seen immediately in advertisements and online. In addition, the subjects and the word clouds will be continuously adapted for various media.

Responsible at TeleBärn / AZ Medien: Marc Friedli (Programme Manager TeleBärn), Laura Berndt (Head of Marketing TV Broadcasting Family AZ Medien). Responsible at Komet: Thom Pfister (CD), Roland Zenger, Joël Weber (AD), Antonia Bekiaris (text), Simon Schatzmann (head of consulting), Sarina Künzli (consulting). Photography: Fabian Unternährer.



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