Statement/Jim&Jim: Doubt Chips Blaster Implemented

Together with Jim&Jim and Aroma, Statement has designed and implemented a special brand experience for Zweifel Pomy-Chips on the occasion of the 50th anniversary of Paprika Chips. The Zweifel Chips Blaster.

The Zweifel Chips Blaster, which is over six meters high and almost five meters wide, was successfully used at the largest Swiss open air festivals during the summer. By means of four high-performance fans, hundreds of small Styrofoam chips were whirled around in the air. With the aim of capturing the red chips, festival visitors experienced a very special brand experience in the product itself in the walk-in Chips Blaster. Thanks to the enormous visibility, the blaster increased the attention of the overall presentation and thus also provided a lot of discussion outside the festivals, such as in various forums and on Facebook.

The waiting time in the meter-long queues gave the promotions crew the opportunity to talk to consumers on a one-to-one basis. Per festival, the Blaster was tried out by 1'200 to 1'600 enthusiastic visitors. An integral part of this year's overall festival appearance was a Zweifel kiosk, also in the form of a packet of paprika chips. Zweifel Pomy-Chips used this in combination with an automated raffle to increase sustainability and minimize waste. For example, festival-goers received a chance to win an instant prize for each empty chip pack with a winning code that was returned. Throughout the summer, over one million chip samples were distributed, according to the release!

Responsible at Zweifel Pomy-Chips: Christoph Ernst (Group Product Manager), Philip Honegger and Sabina Thaqi (Sponsoring & Events). Responsible at Statement: Philipp Brunner (overall responsibility, strategy and concept), Renato Auer (project staff) Responsible at Jim&Jim: Fabio Emch (Managing Director, Concept), Cyrill Steiner (Head of Promotions), Esther Zumstein (Project Staff), Tobias Bonfanti (Direction and Implementation Event Film). Responsible at Aroma: Yves Thommen (consulting), Lukas Baumgartner (project manager), Marco Wüest (project staff).




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