Postfinance sponsors The Tent

Since 2013, Postfinance has been the new main partner of the Swiss touring theater. Publicis launches a campaign to mark the new tour program.

With the sponsorship, the financial services provider wants to expand its commitment in the cultural sector in the long term and strengthen it nationally. The company wrote in a statement on Thursday that the tour schedule had already been expanded from 16 to 21 venues.

Postfinance's commitment is communicated in the style of the umbrella brand "Everyone has what it takes to...". This time, however, the Postfinance customer does not have "...what it takes to be a financial expert" - but "what it takes to be a mega-fan" after visiting Das Zelt. The campaign starts around a month before the communication of the new 2014 tour program of Das Zelt - Chapiteau Postfinance and will be present until mid-November.

Responsible at Publicis: Roger Ruegger (CD), Bettina Klossner and Tom Kees (AD), Oliver Gisi (text), Barbara Lagger (consulting), Beni Kägi (art buying), Tiago Dias, Simon Grasser, Andy Günter (digital), Andrea Achermann (DTP), Bianca Nerlich (production), Diana Scheunemann (photography).


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