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What ideas do the French private stations M6 and W9 want to use to lure the audience in French-speaking Switzerland in front of the advertising windows?

A group of employees from marketer Goldbach Media traveled to Paris for a day in early September, along with other interested parties. At the "Club de L'Etoile" cinema, the Swiss had a French version of the "screen up" presented to them, featuring the upcoming highlights of private stations M6 and W9.

M6, also known as Métropole Télévision, is a French private broadcaster 48.56 percent owned by RTL Group. M6 is France's second-largest private broadcaster after TF1. W9 is a sister company with an identical shareholding. Launched in May 2005, the channel W9 has no profound meaning as a name. It is simply the graphic mirror image of M6. In its early days in 1998, the channel was still called M6 Music. Accordingly, the programming today still consists mainly of music shows, TV series and sports broadcasts. Jacqueline Sasse, Sales Director TV at Goldbach, describes W9 as a "shooting star in France". The channel is No. 1 on the TNT platform, the main cable network in France, ahead of the big TF1. "The channel is a unique success story in France as well as in the French-speaking part of Switzerland and has become a relevant channel within a very short time, despite great competition in both markets. " W9's advertising window has been added to Goldbach's portfolio in French-speaking Switzerland ten years after the launch of the M6 advertising window in summer 2012. With shows like "The Simpsons," "Lie to me," but also the French version of "young, wild and sexy" under the title "Bienvenue chez le Ch'tis," W9 is suitable as an advertising platform especially for a younger and cheekier target group.

Cult, but less trashy

The show "Séduis-moi si tu peux" was also particularly well received at the presentation in Paris. Genuinely progressive in attitude, here men who consider themselves attractive have to pass in front of a jury of 24 women. The bachelorettes show themselves emancipated and merciless in their search for the man of their dreams. The lavish show is produced by Fremantlemedia. Also on W9 is soccer from the UEFA Europa League and world-class tennis. Among the series, "Spartacus" is already very successful in its third season. On M6, a format with the still provisional working title "Ice" caught the eye at the Paris novelty show. Comparable in concept to the "Battle of the Choirs" on Swiss television, here four teams compete for the best performance in the ice dance category. The young talents are coached by multiple Olympic and world championship stars Philippe Candeloro, Surya Bonaly, Sarah Abitpol and Gwendal Peizrat. For the various episodes of the show, M6 has had two ice halls built, one for training, a second for TV recording. The most modern equipment for light shows, projections on the ice surface and other effects was installed here, he said. The show is produced by M6 in its own direction. Docu-soaps like "Le meilleur Patissier," where the best baking talents are sought across the country, are presented with French charm.

la meilleure Boulangerie de France" follows a similar recipe. Among the series, the Golden Globes and Emmy-winning episodes of "Touch" with Kiefer Sutherland stand out. And if you want to brush up on your French once again, both M6 and W9 offer a range of high-quality movies to enjoy away from Paris in the comfort of your own sofa.

Andreas Panzeri

The advertising windows of the French private stations are marketed in French-speaking Switzerland by Goldbach Media. In an interview, Jacqueline Sasse, Sales Director TV, is very satisfied with the response.
WW: How important is M6 compared to other stations in French-speaking Switzerland?
Jacqueline Sasse: M6's development is very satisfactory. The top-rated shows are "Top Chef" and "L'amour est dans le pré. This is the French version of "Bauer ledig sucht," but shot with visibly greater effort. The "Scènes de ménages" are also doing very well. These are short sketches from everyday life together. Only a few people in German-speaking Switzerland are familiar with these formats from French stations. In French-speaking Switzerland, however, the shows have a real following. Sunday evening's "doku/intello" is also very popular and can hold its own against TSR's magazines. M6 positions itself in the advertising-relevant target group 15-49 and HHF 20-49 over 24 hours and in prime time even ahead of TF1 and is accordingly the market leader within the private stations. In the 15-29, 15-39, 15-39 male and 15-39 female target groups, M6 is even the No. 1 station in French-speaking Switzerland over 24 hours.
How satisfied is Goldbach as a marketer with the window bookings?
We are very satisfied. M6 and the new advertising environment launched last year on W9 are well booked. M6 has been consistently delivering top performance for years and is highly regarded by advertisers in Switzerland as an innovative and reliable programming environment.
How do you experience the response to the new W9 window launched last year in Switzerland?
W9 is particularly popular in French-speaking Switzerland. The young station enjoys a great media response thanks to press articles from France as well as references and reviews in the Swiss media. W9 is also very present in French-speaking Switzerland on social media such as Facebook and Twitter. The music station is making a name for itself thanks to new, innovative shows and magazines, which are being well received by young people.
Which station is for which audience?
M6 positions itself as a family station. The HHF target groups are reached thanks to numerous and varied in-house productions, for example "La France a un incroyable talent," "Scènes de ménages," "un dîner presque parfait," "100% Mag" and feature films, which are on air in the afternoon. Not only the young and dynamic women are addressed by means of crime series, cooking shows, magazines and beauty shows, but also the male target groups thanks to "Capital", "Zone interdite", the car show "Turbo" and many blockbusters. In addition to great innovation, M6's programming is also of high quality.
W9 is for the youth?
Yes, W9, M6's sister station, is particularly suitable for younger target groups. W9 has been very successful in implementing new concepts in France that appeal mainly to young and trendy people, i.e. 15-39 year-olds. Popular shows include "The Crazy Cht'is" and "Marseillais. These continue to make headlines and fascinate young adults with pithy but also funny sayings. The station also broadcasts exciting in-house formats such as "Relooking Extreme " and "Séduis-moi si tu peux," which also appeal to the advertising-relevant ZG HHF 20-49 and 15-49.


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