Formeldrei: Collect letters with Parisienne

In fall 2013, Formeldrei is promoting the classic Parisienne colors - with a national ABC competition. Päckli become Wörtli.

From the beginning of September to mid-November, all box and soft packs of Jaune, Orange, Bleue, Rouge and Ciel will have a large letter on the front on the shelf. According to the press release, this not only looks good, but you can also do something with these letter packs: Create your own word and, if you wish, take part in the competition with it. There can be as many words Uploaded become as you want. The only condition: The word should fit Parisienne and be in one of the national languages. There are two prizes of one million centimes in cash and over 1,500 other surprises in yellow and black.

Responsible at British American Tobacco (Switzerland): Robert Goossens, Brand Group Manager Parisienne & VFM. Responsible at Formeldrei: Moritz Adler (graphics/concept), Christian Wüthrich (text/concept), Marco Mesot (consulting/concept), Jeanine Hochuli (consulting). Programming online Station, Zurich.

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