Leo Burnett: New worldwide motifs for Victorinox

With thank-you letters from customers, Leo Burnett launched the first global campaign in the history of the brand for Victorinox over a year ago. This is now being continued with new motifs.

According to the press release, these are true experiences, such as those of Luna Tao, whose pocket knife helped her win the shooting championship in Beijing. Or of Tomoo Igarashi, a Japanese businessman who came home during the great earthquake thanks to his Victorinox case. Leo Burnett Switzerland's new, gripping stories show that the slogan "Companion for Life" stands not only for the quality and functionality of the products, but also for great emotional value. Anita Kelloway from Maine, for example, could no longer hold back her tears when she found her Victorinox watch, which she had thought lost. It had been buried under the snow for a winter and still worked perfectly.

The advertisements are the focus of the communication. Furthermore, the stories can be found at the POS and on the product labels.

Responsible at Victorinox: Veronika Elsener, Urs Keiser, Sandra Furer. Responsible at Leo Burnett Switzerland: Pablo Schencke, Anna Leudolph (creation), Johannes Raggio (ECD), Isabelle Meier, Nadine Stüssi (consulting), Suzana Kovacevic, Erasmo Palomba (art buying), Michael Nager (photography), Jochen Starz (image editing).

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