Viznerborel turns Denner customers into wine experts

This fall, Viznerborel is launching an image campaign for Denner's wine range and online wine store. The focus is on customers who rate the wines.

For around two years, ViznerBorel has been communicating for the Swiss retailer with the message: "Denner - One for all". The new advertising campaign logically promises that Denner is "one for all wine lovers". Thus, Denner does not use wine experts in its communication, but lets its customers have their say.

Online customer rating as a basis

The core of the campaign, conceived by Vizner Borel, is the new on introduced rating system. This allows Denner customers to rate and comment on all wines in the familiar 5-star system. Online rating has been possible since April of this year, and has already been rated more than 20,000 times in total. The customer rating has been picked up in the classic media. In addition to the "Grosser Weinliebhaber" (the Denner wine newspaper), the "Kleine Weinliebhaber" (the brochure providing information about the product range) now also appears with the integrated wine ratings. And the customer ratings are also included in various advertisements and in the new commercial.

The spot, as well as all other advertising material, has been on display throughout Switzerland since mid-September.

Responsible at Denner: Petra Gayko (Head of Marketing Communications), Sabine Gassmann (Project Management Marketing Communications). Responsible at Vizner Borel: Lajos Vizner, Guillaume Borel (overall responsibility), Hanna Zimmermann (CD), Jürg Waeber (concept/idea/text), Gian Maurizio (AD), Markus Binggeli (strategy), Andrea Vizzarro (consulting), Gerry Nitsch (photography), JBW Media, Nina Rolle (media). Responsible at Stories Filmproduktion: Yves Bollag (producer), Michael Fueter (director), Barry Markowitz (cinematographer), Laura Rindlisbacher (producer), Spacetrain (music), Gian Dolder (sound design), Gregor Rosenberger, Jingle Jungle (sound studio).


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