Leo Burnett: Campaign for Postlogistics

Postlogistics and Leo Burnett Switzerland are promoting new services for an age in which people are at home less and less, but receive more and more parcels.

Nowadays, we order a lot online - because'it is convenient and, above all, because it is faster. At the same time, people are becoming more mobile and are often not at home during the day. Accordingly, there is often no one there when the postman rings with the parcel.

Postlogistics is responding to this trend and is now offering services designed to make life much easier for customers. For example, there is now evening and Saturday delivery for online orders. Or with pickpost, parcels can be sent to 700 alternative pick-up locations. With pick@home, online orders can be returned directly from home. And finally, the receipt of missed mail items can now be controlled online.

The services are advertised in a wide range of media, both offline and online. At the center of the campaign with the slogan "Swiss Post makes things easier" are two TV commercials. They show what postal customers were previously forced to do if they had to work during the day and still wanted to receive a parcel. Strains that are now a thing of the past with Swiss Post's evening and Saturday delivery.

Responsible at Swiss Post: Ruth Mathias (Head of Communications PostLogistics), Christian Suter (Project Management PostLogistics), Inari Kirchhofer (Marketing Communications PostLogistics). Responsible at Leo Burnett Switzerland: Peter Brönnimann (ECD), Johannes Raggio, Pablo Schencke (Creative Direction), Fiona Gottwald, Michael Gassler (Consulting), Suzana Kovacevic (Art Buying); Film Production: Stink GmbH, Berlin; Direction: Brian Lee Hughes



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