Statement: Waxing turned into an experience

To promote the still unknown waxing offer, Statement for Ease Design Spa created the street action from the offer right away.

A model completely covered with wax strips on his upper body surprised Zurich passers-by on the Bellevue promenade with a request to have them removed. Each wax strip was also a 25 percent discount voucher for a waxing treatment at the Design Spa. More than 350 vouchers were distributed in this way, creating a high viral effect, the agency announced in a statement Thursday. Both the website and the Facebook page recorded 15 percent more visitors shortly after the promotion and the first waxing treatments had already been booked.

Responsible at Ease Design Spa: Pascal Stalder (Managing Director). Responsible at Statement: Philipp Brunner, Renato Auer (overall responsibility).

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